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If you want to become a member of the New Zealand Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology please download and complete the form below and return it to us. Being a member of the NZSBMB has many perks including allowing you to apply for the Custom Science NZSBMB Award and our Travel Awards, receiving discounts on conference registrations (here and overseas), and receiving our newsletter, Southern Blot.


We offer a range of 1- to 5-year membership options. PhD students: a one-off payment entitles you to membership until you graduate, and it pays to get your supervisor signed up, too! Pre-PhD students: if you're not sure whether you will stick around for a PhD, we've designed a one-year subscription for you. This gets you members' rates on conference fees, and entry into any accompanying poster and speaker competitions. However, 1-year student members are not eligible for travel awards.


The current subscriptions are as follows:








Full member (1-year subscription)

Full member (5-year subscription)

PhD student member (one-time payment)

PhD student member (supervisor also a member)

Pre-PhD student member (1-year subscription)

Overseas affiliate* (3-year subscription)

Retired member (1-year subscription)

Retired member (lifetime membership)






















[*Overseas membership is available to full members residing overseas for more than 12 months.]


Download the NZSBMB membership form here.