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Latest News

Congratulations to the student poster prize winners at the 2017 NZSBMB conference:



Priya Philem (University of Otago).



Joshua Gilligan, Astra Heywood and Chun Shen Lim  (all University of Otago).

Welcome to NZSBMB

The Society aims to advance Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in NZ, facilitating research and education, and interfacing with business and the community. We are committed to supporting our early career researchers. 

The NZSBMB web site is intended to be a useful online resource for members and non-members alike:

- Find out more about the NZSBMB and its activities.
- Keep up to date with the latest NZSBMB news.
- Find out about the latest conferences, awards and fellowships.
- Follow links to sites of interest for Molecular Biologists and Biochemists.

Find out more about the NZSBMB here or if you have any questions contact us here. And be sure to follow us on Facebook!



2016 Custom Science NZSBMB Award

Custom Science award

Dr Paul Gardner (University of Canterbury) is the winner of this year's Custom Science NZSBMB Award for Research Excellence. In his award lecture, Dr Gardner gave a fascinating account of how avoiding RNA-RNA interactions is important for controlling protein expression, and evolution. He also spoke about his benchmarking of bioinformatics tools – from which he was forced to conclude that many are both slow, and inaccurate!



Student Travel Awards


Congratulations to the record number of students who won travel awards in the March 2017 funding round:
- Alistair Brown (Victoria University)
- Matthew Chisnall (University of Otago)
- Kyle Van de Bittner (University of Canterbury)
- Hui Wen Lee (University of Auckland; Plant & Food Research)
- Shereen Asha Murugayah (University of Otago)
- Rafea Naffa (Massey University)
- Kelly Paton (Victoria University)
- Gabriel Rawcliffe (University of Otago)